Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Bhishma: Not so much talked about hero

Mahabharata is full of characters, some positive, some negative, some divine, some evil. People find heroes and villains in these characters and rightly so, Mahabharata was composed to educate less intelligent people about profound religious injections. In these heroes, there is a great hero who is like the sun in the galaxy of characters in Mahabharata. This hero is Bhishma who witnessed Mahabharata right from the beginning till the end and yet, he is not given as much value as he really should be.
             The character Bhishma, born as Devavrata to Gangadevi and Shantanu, is unprecedented. He has all the qualities that a kshatriya and a saint should have. Firmness to stand by the word, infinite patience, having deep knowledge of religion and war skills, infinite love with the supreme personality of Godhead, not desiring anything although deserving more than almost everybody present are just some virtues of this great son of Shantanu. Bhishma is a great ambassador of religion and he has spotless character, as white as perhaps his white beard and super bright clothes which he wears!
Krishna braking own vow of not picking arms in Mahabharata (from BBT)
             Bhishma was the best warrior present in the battlefield of Mahabharata, second only to Krishna. Bhishma was so great in his skills that he had defeated even his guru Lord Parashuram, who had made the earth devoid of kshatriyas for twenty one times. But Bhishma was no ordinary Kshatriya. Arjuna was not as good as his grandsire, but he was on the side of dharma in that war. Due to following strict celibacy throughout life, Bhishma's body was like vraja (very hard) and he possessed great bodily strength. Bhishma was highly qualified in political science (it is he who taught politics to Vidura who was highly praised for his knowledge). Bhishma is one of the very few who knew the Bhagwata-Dharma (he is one of twelve mahabhagwatas who understand the devotion to the supreme personality of the Godhead perfectly). He was the great devotee of Krishna and just out of love, Krishna had broken his own vow of not picking the arms to fulfill the vow of Bhishma (Bhishma had vowed to force Krishna to pick up weapons although he knew Krishna is one who could not be forced to do anything). This spotless warrior had never broken his promise, had always walked on the path of righteousness. Some of this unbroken promises are to be celibate throughout the life, to be alive till he sees Hastinapura safe, to always serve whoever would be the king of Hastinapura, to get Krishna pick arms, etc.
           Bhishma is a highly spiritual character, he does not live the life of bodily conception. Its he who wrote Vishnusahastranam. His religious indoctrination in Mahabharata (narration to Yudhisthira on deathbed) is perfect in that it describes the dharma for each member of the society. I bow down to this great inspirational character who is personified dharma.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Love Stories: Shrimad Bhagavatam

Recently, I have been hearing Shrimad Bhagavatam  quite frequently and also reading it sometimes. Although I am no authority to comment on the glorious position of the Shrimad Bhagavatam, I will write something for those who do not know about it. In short, Shrimad Bhagavatam is the collection of love stories, love of souls with Supreme Personality of Godhead. It's subject matter is love of god, its for the lover devotees of the God, Shri Krishna.
             Shrimad Bhagavatam is also called to be the Lord Krishna in the Literature form (Shrimad Bhagvato-ayam sakshat krishna eva hi). Before departing from this material world, Lord Krishna had assured Uddhava that he is going nowhere but residing in the form of Shrimad Bhagavatam so that common people can reach to him in this age of quarrel, madness and hypocrisy. To me, there has never been or will never be any literature greater than SB. SB satisfies the humans completely as it gives the ultimate thing in the world, Love of God. One who has read many books but did not hear about SB, is really unfortunate.
Shukdev Goswami narrating Shrimad Bhagwatam to King Parikshit (from: BBT)
              Legend has it that after compiling four Vedas, Upanishads and all other vedic literature, Shri Vyasdeva was not feeling happiness, he was still very morose and kind of dissatisfaction was occupying his heart. When Narada muni arrives to meet Vyasdev, he converys Narada muni about his state of mind and seeks for the remedy of it. To this, magnificent devotee of the lord, Narada muni replies, "O Vyasdev, although you have compiled all the  vedic literature, you have not complied anything which teaches pure love of Godhead, you have somewhat deceived and deluded  people by narrating different rituals which are only for fruitive activities for personal gain. You should compile a literature which will teach the pure love of god and by hearing which the people will be immediately satisfied." After these instructions, Shri Vyasdev created this magnificent and most ripen fruit of all vedic literature, Shrimad Bhagavatam. SB itself declares that literature which does not describe love of god and his pastimes is like the pilgrimage place for the crows and the intelligent do not go there.
            Shimad BhagavatGita contains the theory or the knowledge of the Bhaktiyoga while Shrimad Bhagavatam gives the nice illustrations for the Bhaktiyoga. For e.g., Gita discusses the  four types of people who approach the God and these four types are those who are the distressed (aarta), inquisitive (jigyasu), those who desire the wealth (artharthi) and the knowledgeable (gyani) while Shrimad Bhagavatam has the narrations about each type of devotee of the god. In SB, the distressed seeker of the god is Gajendra, inquisitive devotee is king Parikshita, Dhruva is the desiring devotee of God (he wanted to please the God to be able to sit on the lap of his father) and the knowledgeable devotee of the God is Uddhava.
            So, if you feel motivated, please read or hear Shrimad Bhagavatam and get the unlimited mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Damodarastakam Translation in Hindi (Devnagari)

वह  भगवान जिनका रूप सत, चित और आनंद से परिपूर्ण है, जिनके मकरो के आकार के कुंडल इधर उधर हिल रहे है, जो गोकुल नामक अपने धाम में नित्य शोभायमान है, जो (दूध और दही से भरी मटकी फोड़ देने के बाद) मैय्या यशोदा की डर से ओखल से कूदकर अत्यंत तेजीसे दौड़ रहे है और जिन्हें यशोदा मैय्या ने उनसे भी तेज दौड़कर पीछे से पकड़ लिया है ऐसे श्री भगवान को मै नमन करता हू  ।।1।।

(अपने माता के हाथ में छड़ी देखकर) वो रो रहे है और अपने कमल जैसे कोमल हाथो से दोनों नेत्रों को मसल रहे है, उनकी आँखे भय से भरी हुयी है और उनके गले का मोतियो का हार, जो शंख के भाति त्रिरेखा से युक्त है, रोते हुए जल्दी जल्दी श्वास लेने के कारण इधर उधर हिल-डुल रहा है , ऐसे उन श्री भगवान् को जो रस्सी से नहीं बल्कि अपने माता के प्रेम से बंधे हुए है मै  नमन करता हु ।।

ऐसी बाल्यकाल की लीलाओ के कारण वे गोकुल के रहिवासीओ को आध्यात्मिक प्रेम के आनंद कुंड में डुबो रहे है, और जो अपने ऐश्वर्य सम्पूर्ण और ज्ञानी भक्तो को ये बतला रहे है की "मै अपने ऐश्वर्य हिन और प्रेमी भक्तो द्वारा जीत लिया गया हु", ऐसे उन दामोदर भगवान को मै शत शत नमन करता हु ।। 

हे भगवन, आप सभी प्रकार के वर देने में सक्षम होने पर भी मै आप से ना ही मोक्ष की कामना करता हु, ना ही मोक्षका सर्वोत्तम स्वरुप श्री वैकुंठ की इच्छा रखता हु, और ना ही नौ प्रकार की भक्ति से प्राप्त किये जाने वाले कोई भी वरदान की कामना करता हु । मै तो आपसे बस यही प्रार्थना करता हु की आपका ये बालस्वरूप मेरे हृदय में सर्वदा स्थित रहे, इससे अन्य और कोई वस्तु का मुझे क्या लाभ ?

हे प्रभु, आपका श्याम रंग का मुखकमल जो कुछ घुंघराले लाल बालो से आच्छादित है, मैय्या यशोदा द्वारा बार बार चुम्बन किया जा रहा है, और आपके ओठ बिम्बफल जैसे लाल है, आपका ये अत्यंत सुन्दर कमलरुपी मुख मेरे हृदय में विराजीत रहे । (इससे अन्य) सहस्त्रो वरदानो का मुझे कोई उपयोग नहीं है ।

हे प्रभु, मेरा आपको नमन है । हे दामोदर, हे अनंत, हे विष्णु, आप मुझपर प्रसन्न होवे (क्यूंकि) मै संसाररूपी दुःख के समुन्दर में डूबा जा रहा हु । मुझ दिन हिन पर आप अपनी अमृतमय कृपा की वृष्टि कीजिये और कृपया मुझे दर्शन दीजिये ।।

हे दामोदर (जिनके पेट से रस्सी बंधी हुयी है वो), आपने माता यशोदा द्वारा ओखल में बंधे होने के बाद भी  कुबेर के पुत्रो (मणिग्रिव तथा नलकुबेर) जो नारदजी के श्राप के कारण वृक्ष के रूप में मूर्ति की तरह स्थित थे, उनका उद्धार किया और उनको भक्ति का वरदान दिया, आप उसी प्रकार से मुझे भी प्रेमभक्ति प्रदान कीजिये, यही मेरा एकमात्र आग्रह है, किसी और प्रकार की कोई भी मोक्ष के लिए मेरी कोई कामना नहीं है । 

हे दामोदर, आपके उदर से बंधी हुयी महान रज्जू (रस्सी) को प्रणाम है, और आपके उदर, जो निखिल ब्रह्म तेज का आश्रय है, और जो सम्पूर्ण ब्रह्माण्ड का धाम है, को भी प्रणाम है । श्रीमती राधिका जो आपको अत्यंत प्रिय है उन्हें भी प्रणाम है, और हे अनंत लीलाऐ करने वाले भगवन, आपको प्रणाम है । 

|| जय श्री राधा दामोदर || 

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mat ja mat ja Mathura.......(gopi bhaav when Lord is leaving Vrindavan...)

ओ रे कन्हैय्या पडू तोरे पैय्या
मत जा मत जा मत जा मथुरा
कुंजन की गलियों मै दौड़ लगाये
चोरी चोरी माखन को अब कौन खाए
घेर घेर लायेगा कौन तेरी गैय्या
ओ रे ...

विरह का दुःख गोपी कैसे सहेंगी
तेरी राधारानी अब कैसे जियेगी
रो रो के मर जाएगी तेरी मैय्या
ओ रे ...

गोपी विराहने का अब कौन सहारा
जपति रहेंगी हम नाम तुम्हारा
रोम रोम बस जाओ दाउजी के भैय्या
ओ रे कन्हैय्या पडू तोरे पैय्या
मत जा मत जा मत जा मथुरा .....

Friday, 16 September 2011

रात सखी सपने में आये नंदलाल, और थाम के कलाई मेरी कर दियो कमाल.......राधे राधे

रात सखी सपने में आये नंदलाल

हाँ रात सखी सपने में आये नंदलाल

और थाम के कलाई मेरी कर दियो कमाल

हां थाम के कलाई मेरी कर दियो कमाल

लाज की है बात हाथ गात सो लगात

खेंच फ़रिया मोरी बारी सी उमरिया थरा थरा गयी

तान के बजाई बैन नैन सो मिलाये नैन

मुख सो कछु कहूँ कछु निक से हरबरा गयी

मै तो बहुत बरजी पर मान्यो ना गोपाल

हाँ थाम के कलाई मेरी कर दियो कमाल

पंथ को निवास आस पास थास नन्द सांस

नींद में रही मै रात बात श्याम मान जा

चीर भयो चीर मन अधीर नहीं भरे धीर

बात है गंभीर मत सता ए श्याम मान जा

श्याम तेरी प्रीत बनी जान को जंजाल

हाँ थाम के कलाई मेरी कर दियो कमाल

रंग भदरंग नहीं सखी को संग

कियो खूब मोहे तंग आज मै तो घबरा गयी

भोर मचो शोर मिले बोल रहे मोर जोर जोर

सब ओर देख मै तो लाज शरमा गयी

लाली मेरे लाल की जित देखूं तित लाल

और लालहिं देखन मै चली मै भी हो गयी लाल

भेद सब बताने लगी अंखिया लाल लाल

हाँ थाम के कलाई मेरी कर दियो कमाल

रात सखी सपने में आये नंदलाल

और थाम के कलाई मेरी कर दियो कमाल....

राधे राधे श्याम श्याम

ख्वाबो में आते हो सांवरे, रूबरू कब आओगे कहो

पीर इस जिगर की प्यारे, आकर कब मिटाओगे कहो

देर तो अब खूब हो गयी, वादा कब निभाओगे कहो

तेरे प्रेम के इस प्यासे पर. प्रेम कब बरसाओगे कहो

(शायरी - कृपाकांक्षी)

तेरे इन्तेजार में पलके बिछी है रे...

आ कि तेरे दरस कि आस बंधी है रे...

मेरे श्याम....मेरे प्यारे....तुझसे
राधे राधे श्याम श्याम

Friday, 5 August 2011

Yudhishthira's Wisdom

Yudhistira was considered to be the one the most sensible human beings present on the Earth. Respecting his sense and truthfulness, his chariot used to ride two inches higher than the ground level.
        Once in his kingdom, a debate took place over "what is the biggest surprise in the world?" Numerous intelligent people took part in the debate. They began to present strong logical statements but no single answer was approved with the consent of everybody present there . Finally they approached Yudishtira because they knew it is very hard to find the more logical person than him.
 Some suggested, building strong body and exercising power is the biggest surprise - Yudhishtira replied, possessing power is just an investment fruit, more you give more you get like that and its no surprise.
 Some other suggested,  being beautiful and possessing some beautiful art like singing is the biggest surprise. Yudhistira replied, all arts and beauty is obtained by fate, they are inborn depending on previous deeds and that's no surprise.

Some  suggested, Earning the money is the biggest surprise- Yudhishtira replied, Even the prostitute earns," whats the surprise in it?"
Rest suggested, Everything is surprise- the plant grows, water flows, we get older n all that- Yudhistira replied, these are the laws of nature, which are strong by defination, so cant be a surprise. Surprise has to be the contrast.
Then all were tired of making guesses, so they finally asked Yudhishtira about his own opinion about the surprise.
 Yudhistira, the very sane man, replied "God's ways are wonderful. God is in the form of Krishna in front of our eyes. His names are extremely wonderful. He has manifested himself into his names, So he and his names are indifferent. Chanting his name properly, even once can get us rid of so many sins that we cant even think of. Yet people manage to find the place in Hell after dying,  is the biggest surprise in this world when chanting his name once can reduce so much burden of deeds on us. I cannot comprehend this. This is just like dying out of hunger when we have served food in front of us. So I call this as the biggest surprise".
All people got convinced why Yudhishtira was respected so much.